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Since 2009, the Pyramide Clinic in Zurich has enjoyed a kitchen equipped to the best and most up-to-date hotel standards. Special features of our hospitality include our à la carte service and the fact that you can decide when to have your meals.

Hospital meals with fixed ordering and eating times have long been a thing of the past here. All dishes are freshly prepared with first-class ingredients of the season. The chef and his team learnt their trade in haute cuisine and have demonstrated their skills in well-known restaurants.

À la carte in your room or the cafeteria

At the Pyramide Clinic, privately insured and self-paying patients can choose their meals from a varied and attractive menu each day. Room service will take and serve your order. You can enjoy your meal either in your room or in the cafeteria on the ground floor. We like to treat our guests well and we are pleased if you invite friends or family members to eat with you. 


Fresh, seasonal cuisine

We place great emphasis on seasonal, market-fresh, quality foods that are both easily digestible and healthy. The menu includes delicious fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. Our cuisine takes into account any medical needs, diets or intolerances as well as cultural or religious preferences that you may have. Your family members, partners or guests can also enjoy the delights of the Pyramide cuisine.

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