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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

In this section you will find answers to a selection of questions you may have. For any further queries please contact our team. We will be pleased to answer as soon as possible.

What range and kind of treatment does the Pyramide Clinic offer?

You will find a comprehensive overview here.

Do you treat patients with international health insurance?

Yes. The Pyramide Clinic's services are designed for:
  • Patients with international health insurance living abroad or in Switzerland
  • Patients living abroad who are seeking treatment at their own expense
  • Patients living abroad whose treatment costs will be covered by a company, organisation or embassy

Who is my point of contact and how quickly do you respond to queries?

Your main point of contact will be a member of our management and our international guest relations department. They are your first port of call for any type of enquiries. Their extensive expertise enables them to quickly find the right specialists for you. Even complex patient enquiries will receive qualified feedback within 48 hours. The person who responded to you will generally remain your contact person until the treatment has been successfully completed.

Do your medical specialists speak English?

We are proud to confirm that all our specialists and hospital staff speak English fluently. We also have a larger number of doctors and nurses who speak additional languages such as French, Italian, Spanish or Russian.

Can I contact the doctor directly?

Of course, you may get in contact with your preferred specialists first. You can find our doctors and their contact details here. Once we know about your treatment request, our Guest Relations team will ensure a smooth handling of your clinic stay and all the necessary administration.

What medical documentation is needed for a consultation?

If you book a consultation, we kindly ask you to bring or submit in advance any relevant medical documentation you may have. This includes:

  • Medical and diagnostic reports in English or German
  • Diagnostic data
  • Medical images such as ultrasound, CT or MRI files
  • Laboratory results
  • A description of your current symptoms

Who can I contact outside of business hours and in cases of emergency?

We offer special emergency services to our international patients after the operation is completed. In most cases you keep in contact with your specialist as well and he or she will be happy to assist.

Can you organise an interpreter for me?

We will be glad to organise an interpreter for you if you wish so. We collaborate with partners who are specialised in the accurate translation of medical information and intercultural nuances. Of course you may bring your own interpreter or adviser with you.

Can visitors stay overnight in my room?

If you have a private room or a suite, we can arrange an additional bed. We are specifically happy to accommodate parents when their child has an operation. In these cases please contact our team in advance to ensure availability and include any additional services to your quote.

Can you help me to organise my accommodation?

We will be pleased to help you find a convenient hotel or apartment near the Clinic. We are happy to provide you recommendations and start booking requests for you. However, the booking itself may be done by you.

Can you help to get my visa?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. However, please visit to get all the necessary information for a possible visa application.

What documents are needed for a second opinion?

A comprehensive second opinion is based on a consultation with your preferred specialist and may require insights into existing medical reports, laboratory results and other diagnostic data as well as medical images (ultrasound, CT, MRT).

What is included in the quote?

If you are interested in receiving treatment at the Pyramide Clinic, we will happily send you a personalised quote that is ideally based on your medical report and/or an initial assessment by one of our specialists. Besides the medical treatments, your quote will also include accommodation (length of stay, type of room) as well as any special service requests (translator, food&beverage, guests etc.). Since each quote is individually calculated, it is important to mention your preferences and expectations in advance.

What currency is used on the invoices?

Quotes are issued in Swiss francs (CHF). All invoices are likewise to be paid in Swiss francs.

What payment options do you offer?

We are glad to offer you the following payment options:
  • Advance payment via bank transfer
  • Advance payment via credit card
  • Cash payment

By when do I need to pay the deposit?

We kindly ask you to make an advance payment based on your individual quote. Any costs listed in the quote must be paid before any consultations or treatment can take place. Our Guest Relations team will be happy to provide you with further information such as bank account details, or to take your payment over the phone.

What if the actual costs are lower or higher than those quoted?

After the treatment has been completed and you have checked out, a final invoice will be issued. If the actual costs were lower than the amount quoted, you will be reimbursed by the way of payment. Alternatively, we will charge any additional amount to your card or request a second bank transfer with the remaining balance.

When will I receive the final invoice?

The final invoice is usually issued a couple of weeks after the treatment has been completed. If your insurer is covering all the costs, we will send the final invoice directly to them. If your insurer is only covering some of the costs, we will send the entire invoice to you. You can then submit the final invoice to your insurance company for reimbursement. If you are self-paying, the final invoice will indicate whether you will receive some of your advanced payment back, or whether you need to make an additional payment.

Are medical services subject to VAT?

Medical services do not incur any surcharges such as VAT.

For any further questions please contact us. +41 44 388 15 15
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